About us

Gourley Red Angus is located in the heart of the Ozarks and fescue country.  Our farms consist of approximately 1200 acres with about 600 acres in grass.  We maintain a core herd of 100 registered cows that are maintained exclusively on pasture with minimal supplementation.  We market approximately 25 bulls annually and a few select females.  It is a family operation consisting of David & Melissa Gourley who are both veterinarians and their 3 children Mac, Will, and Marly.  Bill Johnson joined us in May of this year as a cattle manager and a jack of all trades around the farms. Bill has extensive farm and ranch experience and is a true asset to our operation. 

We purchased our first red angus cattle in 1996.  From the very beginning it was our goal to produce highly fertile, productive cattle that were able to produce on fescue grass in a southern environment.  It is our biased belief that cattle that can perform on fescue can perform in any environment. 

Our basic management philosophy is that a cow must wean an acceptable calf every year in a 45 day breeding season.  No exceptions No excuses!  In addition the cow needs to perform on predominant fescue pastures with minimal supplement.   From the beginning we chose to calve our cows in January and February to take maximum advantage of the fescue forage growth curve and to maximize pounds of beef weaned.  Although we do not advocate calving in these months for everybody, it has put a premium on calving ease, calf vigor and mothering ability of the cows and selected for cows that are excellent mothers.  All females calve on pasture without assistance that remain in the herd.  

We believe that strict culling and sticking to our objectives is the only way we can achieve our goals.  All bulls are semen tested, carcass ultrasound evaluated, tested OS free, BVD PI negative and must meet set performance standards to remain bulls.  We evaluate for structural soundness and have zero tolerance for ill dispositions.  Just because a bull looks good on paper and has testicles is no reason for him to keep them.  Our philosophy is that we will not market a bull that we would not be willing to use in our cow herd.  

Females that have offspring that are productive in the herd are the ones that we focus on to reproduce.  We believe that Fertility is the most important attribute of a cow herd with mothering ability and calf raising ability followed as a close second.  We pay close attention to structural soundness, udder quality, hair coat, fleshing ability and disposition, but first and foremost she must raise a good calf and breed back every year! 

Over the past 15 years we have been fortunate to cooperate with several good cattle operations such as Neo-Sho Farms, Ludvigson Stock Farm, Parker Ranch and Ozark Hills Genetics.  Our herd and operation has grown to the point that it is time to market our own genetics and we appreciate the opportunity these operations have given us and look forward to serving past and present customers. 

We are constantly striving to improve and will likely never be satisfied with our achievement, but we are satisfied with the path we have chosen to achieve our goals.  Please give David a call at (417)259-0664 or email davidgourleydvm@hughes.net we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.