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Dear Friends,
This year we are offering our bulls for sale private treaty. Bulls are individually priced and first come first serve basis. Our goal is to offer these bulls at reasonable prices, by passing on the savings of additional expenses involved in a sale to you our valued customer. Over the past 3 years our bulls have averaged $4,000/bull in a sale format. Bulls are priced at $2500 to $3500 and $5000. Our aged bulls (5) were sold last June and averaged over $2160 across the scale, therefore we need to keep more young bulls than normal and bulls are priced in accordance to the perceived genetic value in our program, not necessarily on standard selection criteria. All bulls have been strictly culled and we are willing to use any of the bulls in the pen back in our program. Our cows must wean an acceptable calf every 12 months on a 45 day breeding season, no exceptions, no excuses. Breeding season runs from April 1st to May 15th annually.

Calves are born in January and February. Cows are calved on stock piled fescue and are expected to calve on their own without any intervention. This puts a premium on mothering ability and calf vigor. Any bull calf that required assistance of any kind is castrated. Our cow herd runs strictly on forage, primarily fescue, and typically fed hay 60-75 days out of the year (Feb.-Mar.). Due to the drought the bulls were weaned about 1 month earlier this year and were lighter. They were weaned on hay and 5lbs/bull/day of  soybean hull, DDG, and rice bran custom mix. After the rains came in early September the bulls were moved to grass and fed 1% of their body weight per day in the custom mix. After Christmas the bulls were moved to a smaller lot and fed fescue baylage and 1% of body weight of the custom mix until yearling weights, semen test and ultrasound scans on the 1st of February.

All bulls have been vaccinated 3 times with Bovishield Gold 5L5 LH FP, Vision 8 and have been dewormed with an ivermectin twice. Bulls have been tested to be BVD PI free, semen tested, scrotal measured and carcass ultrasound scanned. The data provided is actual weights and scans not adjusted. Individual scores for calving ease, hair coat, and udder quality are given on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. All bulls received excellent disposition scores. Registration numbers are provided to look up pedigree, epd’s, adjusted weights and ratio’s on the Red Angus web site under data search. A link is provided to Youtube videos of each bull.Our goal is to provide trouble free profitable genetics to profit minded cattleman that thrive in real world commercial operations. Premiums are placed on fertility, calving ease, mothering ability,disposition, adaptability, structure, longevity, performance on fescue and end product marketability.

We invite you to stop by and evaluate for yourself our program any time. Thank you in advance for showing interest in our program, and please feel free to contact me at
(417) 259-0664 or email me at  or call Bill Johnson (herdsman) at (417) 259-9479.